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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is it!!

Noticed him, hated him, ignored him, hated his guts again, but i still ended up with him.. Love does move in mysterious ways. hehe.

After doodling with several long relationships, I finally tied the knot--with a short engagement. Unlikely to some, but as most of my friends say--not impossible with me..

Our wedding was at Tagaytay on a shivery friday of January.. it was so cold lumamig pati anit ko...my husband cried at the altar that it boggled me whether he was just happy or if at one split second wanted to bail out..

As long as Im happy.. YEY!!

now, if I could just find the time to upload some of the wedding pix..

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

And now, ladies and gentlemen...



My brother just came from a 3-day gimmick at PG, my mom just left yesterday for our visayan province and my friendships are leaving tommorrow for a "bitchy" extendend weekend. And me? NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH.

Though in all actuality this is a self-imposed hiatus, rooting to my undisciplined wallet. Took me 4 months to balance my current financial capacity-- zeroing on what I can and cant afford. An example of what I cant afford is to eat from fastfoods once a day for a week. In my past work, if I wanted something I would just skip eating out and just live on my delats on stock. But now, there are toll fees to think of. Not to mention the lure of the neighborhood mall offering distraction and relaxation from a tiring and stressful day.

Not that I have a zero bank balance, its just that I noticed that my status is not that balanced. The final straw was when I figured that I couldnt afford to join that "bitchy" trip. Oh drat.

On a lighter side, my car's got a full tank. If I could just drink gasoline, I would probably be drunk by now. Want a shot?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I beg your Pardon?

I just dont get it.

You grant pardon to a person who is prosecuted and yet he insists that that he is innocent.

I do get the angle where the ailing mother isnt going to stay long.. being a Filipino, these things are considered important. This fact does give a sense of urgency.

But broadcasting that recieving pardon doesnt necessarily mean that he is guilty? Medyo malabo men.. why should you ask for pardon if you didnt do anything? Kala ko ba ang reason why you took this offer was because of your ailing mother? Pwede namang manahimik nalang.

Bakit pa ksi nagpardon pa. eh may verdict na nga. so ganun lang yun? Tsk tsk..

Friday, October 12, 2007


Sometimes the only time you realize that you're alone is when one of those who left you comes back to visit. Being a "self-help" kind of person, I seldom focus on the fact that all of my Kapatiran have left me here in Pinas, most of them studying their brains out. But once in a while I do remember that they left me (not that I wanted to follow--never crossed my mind), though this is highlighted when one of them comes back for vacation.

Such is the case for Joyce' homecoming this year, our first conversation mostly spent on arguing that it wasnt I that forgot about them BUT ME WHOM THEY LEFT BEHIND! hu hu hu. playful banter lang po.

It was such a treat to get together with her and Ruth the vet (her sister). I remember getting sick at the dorm and the Vet telling me to take more than the usual dosage of Vitamin C--I playfully argued that I wont take advice from an animal doctor; she sternly replied that there was no difference: hayop din daw naman ako! haha!

Oh gosh, this is the problem with these go-see-each-other-again moments.. I reminisce. I miss everyone.. boohoo...